Big girls jobs (Alphabet) – Work in progress


My self-initiated project “Big girls jobs (Alphabet)” was created after wanting to display various female characters handling different jobs.


The alphabet was used as a guideline in order to focus on a broad variety of jobs and in order for me to know when to put a term on the project (once reaching 26 different characters).

Here are some work in progress and variations of character designs.


I also hesitated to illustrate the accessories related to each job and make each illustration a full-page one but then I went back to focusing on the characters only.
(In order to finish the project following the deadline I had planned, to be honest).

Here are my first tries:


Here are some more single characters to end up this post but you can find them all one by one on my website for more details.


I had a lot of fun working on this project and I could have been going on and on if it wasn’t for respecting the alphabet!

By the way… have you found the names of all the jobs I illustrated? Give it a try!